Naureen Aqueel

KU sports hostel in need of help

Posted on: October 1, 2009

Published in Spotlight (class newsletter), October 2009.

Cement peeling off the hostel building walls.

A major problem facing the Directorate of Physical Education is the use of its already limited facilities by non-sports personnel. The Directorate of Physical Education is located at present in the Sports Hostel building, which was built to provide boarding and lodging facilities to visiting teams from other universities during tournaments.

“We also give the rooms on rent to staff and guests visiting the university for seminars etc,” says Abida Shaheen, Director of Physical Education. However, the condition of the hostel makes one wonder who would like to stay there? As one enters the premises of the hostel one can see water stained walls with the cement peeling off and carpets and clothes hanging to dry on the terraces. The scene is far from that of the hostel in an academic institution.

And the main reason for this is that students are not the ones living there. Some 30 to 40 rooms of the hostel are at present are occupied by the Karachi University security personnel.  Many of them are living with their families. When sports teams from outside the university come for tournaments, they too are accommodated in the same building. Authorities need to take an early action to shift the security staff to some other premises and renovate the hostel.


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