Naureen Aqueel

Save the environment…Can we really?

Posted on: October 10, 2010

I woke up today to read a friend’s SMS inviting me to join them in a walk to commemorate Global Work Party day to help raise awareness about global warming and climate change. Looking forward to a lazy Sunday, the message slipped my mind only to come back when I logged on to Facebook later in the day to see the same call on a friend’s Facebook status.

I admit. I did feel a little guilty. But climate change and global warming…what could I have done?

The idea behind “Global Work Party” which was floated by a group called is to do something that can help deal with global warming in each community or city, and in doing so, to send a message to leaders and politicians to make efforts on a larger scale that matters. More than 7,000 events were scheduled in 188 countries. From tree plantings and trash cleanups to solar panel installations, there was much that was done across the globe. And those participating were common people like us.

The group seeks to build a movement to unite the world for solutions to the climate crisis focusing on the number 350 which represents the level of atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide that is the safest. Getting below that is the aim, as unless that happens, the damage resulting from global warming will continue to accelerate.

We have already seen the devastating effects of global warming in the form of the floods that have ravaged our country. The world in the past year has experienced heat waves, droughts, melting ice-caps and rising seas. Needless to say, the damage caused to the environment by years of neglect and harmful activity is finally showing its effect.

So what can we do?

Walks and slogans do make a difference in creating awareness. But what ultimately matters is whether you act on all that talk.

While the decisions of powerful governments, legislators and companies seem to be the ultimate determinant for the course the environmental crisis takes, there is still much that we can do as individuals to become the solution generation. It all begins with taking ownership. So whether it is planting a tree, not flinging a wrapper out of the car window or closing the tap while you brush your teeth, it is small steps like these that can help make a difference.

While many will smirk at the idea, I have always believed that it is the little things that go on to make a big difference. If we remain hopeless of the impact we can make, our attitude leads to nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy of helplessness. No action leads to no difference. Small acts by many lead to a big difference.

So, it’s time for us to step up and take an initiative. Take small steps in your own individual capacities, do something to help the environment. May be it isn’t too late for me and those of you who didn’t participate in this global campaign to play our part.


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